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Auto Camera Copy automatically copies photos and videos from SD Cards and Cameras to custom folders on your PC or NAS when you connect them.

Which files should be copied, and where they will be copied to, is fully customizable.  You can easily sort copied files into separate folders per capture date, file type or many other criteria, by using variables in the target paths.

📸 Features

  • Copies Photos, Videos and more automatically to your Computer / NAS etc.
  • Can run automatically when you connect a Sd-Card / USB-Stick / Camera (using Windows AutoPlay integration)
  • Target directories and naming can be customized per file, using many variables for custom sorting (e.g. create folders by capture date)
  • Optionally shows a summary of what will be done, before copying
  • Generates detailed reports for each transfer
  • No complicated setup, just works.

FYI: The included README contains a full and always up-to-date list of all variables that can be used.

Nice: By disabling all dialogs, a fully automated workflow is possible. Then no monitor or user input is required, after the initial setup.

🤖 Why?

When coming home from a hike or vacation, I wanted to view my photos right away, but the hassle of manually copying them to my NAS or Google Photos, often prevented me from doing that. I looked for tools to automate the import workflow, but existing solutions were either quite expensive, limited in their functionality (like running automatically when a SD-Card is connected) or scripts that seemed complicated to set up and use. I wanted something that just works and is straight forward to set up, so I decided to write my own tool for this - and here we are.

Try it out now! :)


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auto-camera-copy-windows.zip 3 MB
Version 1.0.9

Development log


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The app is very good. I'm looking for a replacement for BreezeDownloader,епру great software I used for years but which not supported new file types - like CRM for Canon video RAW files; your app solved this problem.

For now, I have three wishes :)

1. A minor one: can you please add a variable to create a whole month name string (like January instead of 01)? It would help to make a better recognizable file tree.

2. Strange one: is it possible to add a variable download path? Like "Use X:\XXX, if it doesn't exist use Y:\YYY"? Why it is important: in travel, we often use external drives;  but sometimes the external drive may not be connected, and the media should be downloaded to a system drive. A variable download path would handle these situations properly.

3. A major one. Automated tasks are essential to the workflow, especially in a fast-changing environment. So, what I had with BreezeDownloader and what I would like to see in the replacement app is the complete cycle of automation: Recognizing media and autostart - copying - verification - file deleting - media dismounting. For now, your app is missing the last three steps. It does no verification, does not delete downloaded media, and does not disconnect the media. Without that, the app is not suitable for professional everyday usage. In a fast workflow, errors like "ooopppss, I started filming with the used card, now I can't just format it because I will lose both downloaded and new pictures/videos, but I do not have enough space..." happens constantly, and it is very annoying. As well as spending time formatting a card in the camera when action is going on...

Thank you for your consideration!

When using differet cameras I would propose to add a variable for the camera type used.  E.g. Camera Model in exif

Thank you for your feedback!
I just released a new version 1.0.7 where I added new variables that should cover your needs: These include variables for accessing camera make (brand), camera model, camera owner, photo orientation, photo width and photo height. I hope you like it! :)
Best regards